CAMERA SHOP OR HARLEY DAVIDSON CUSTOM SHOP… : If I were to run a camera shop… image0



CAMERA SHOP OR HARLEY DAVIDSON CUSTOM SHOP… : If I were to run a camera shop… image1



If I were to run a camera shop…
That camera shop would without a doubt be an amazingly popular shop.
I am confident that I’d be a capable salesman when it comes to selling camera.
The only camera I would be selling would be single lens reflex cameras only…
On second thought, I might even go Leica only.
Leica’s bodies are rather expensive, and so is the lenz.
However, as long as I’m concerned, I would carry Leica body & lenz,
as well as several Leica accessories.
I’d be able to sell two or three accessories along with the cameras.

I’m not sure why…
thinking about this always gives me a sincere smile and serious excitement.
This is because I can talk about this exciting world of cameras with customers without putting on an artificial manner.
Even when the ulterior intention is to make them pay over several tens of thousands of dollars…
I will not care about it.
Because with the camera I’ve recommended,
the customer must get something amazing out of it that is incomparable to the amount of money he’s spent.

If I were to own a camera shop, I would be able to spread the amazing world of camera and the values of it,
always keeping in mind the most sincere desire to do so.
With this in mind, I would be standing in my shop everyday with full confidence.

Indeed, if it were a camera…

When it comes to my actual business of selling Harley Davidson, everything changes.
“Honestly, I do not think you should be changing that part. It’s fine…”
“Engine tuning? let’s do it some other time…”
This is unacceptable.
Why do I become so passive?
If I think about it, there are lots of reasons…

But if I consider the days I’ve spent with Shovel Head,
and think about the days back then,
the answer to my attitude towards my current Harley Davidson Custom Shop should be apparent…

When I was customizing my own Shovel Head…
Everyday I was filled with excitement…
When I first assembled solid lifter and high compression piston to my Shovel Head,
I cannot forget the extreme engine feeling…
Every time I open the axle throttle, I think of the trouble I had to go through on the high way…

Yes. I admit. I had much more exciting experience from Harley Davidson than from cameras!

Ah! Back to my original point…
When I see myself as the head of BAD LAND with all the experience and memories of the past,
I have thought about this strongly nowadays every time I think about cameras.

Customization is amazingly exciting!
Engine tuning is a must!
Yes. No matter however many times I think about it, Harley Davidson is the best!